If you are an architect who is developing a large project and you are looking for the best doors with the best quality of materials and finishes, you are in the right place.  We are American Door Products– your best option in the market for hollow metal or aluminum frames, hollow metal or wood doors, and any hardware you may require.


Our lead times are within industry standards for various products, and we are in contact with our suppliers daily to improve those lead times and expedite orders whenever possible.

Pearland Hollow Metal Frames’ lead times are faster than anyone else’s in the market!

What We Offer

Complete Project Consultation

Our sales team will respond to every aspect of the doors, frames, and hardware needed for a particular project, offering suggested solutions for every opening in the design.

Door Specification Development

American Door Products can provide any kind of door for any kind of project. Whether it’s wood or plastic laminate doors for a school, lead-lined doors for a hospital, or blast doors for an industrial project, our team will assist you in developing the most appropriate, attractive, and cost-effective door specifications possible.

Hardware Specification Development

American Door Products has the most knowledgeable staff of hardware experts anywhere in the country. Each of our team members has twenty to thirty years of experience providing hardware for every kind of job. If the job merely requires hinges, kickplates, and closers on doors, or requires a complex access control system for security, we can help architects discover what hardware they need to specify on a project to fulfill the owner’s most earnest desires.

Door Opening Set Creation

Our team will drill down with architects to create specific door opening sets for particular needs and to solve particular problems.

Access Control Development and Coordination

Our sales staff has decades of experience in providing access control products for every project that requires them. We know how every keyed and keyless entry system works, and we will be happy to discuss with you the most appropriate and effective system for hospitals, schools, office buildings, or industrial plants.

Fire Door Inspection Services

American Door Products has available men and women who are industry-trained to inspect fire doors, spotting and solving problems before they become major issues.

Specification Writing

Written proposal based on current documents

American Door will review all the documents and plans for a project and submit a written proposal for work based upon that review.

Project overview on per job basis

American Door will break down each part of the job, providing an estimate of how much each part of that job will cost.

Consultation with project architect

Our sales team has seen every kind of specification for a project, and we would be happy to share what we know with the architect for your project. We can edit and revise a spec to provide the clearest guidance on what products will be needed for a particular project, regardless of the project’s size or complexity.

Jobsite surveys

American Door is always willing to go to the jobsite, look over the terrain, and offer recommendations on how to handle particular issues with hollow metal framing, door hanging, or hardware application and installation.

Product preference and functionality assessment

We are proud of the experience we can bring to you in every aspect of product procurement for a job. Our team has worked decades to learn everything there is know about the kinds of doors, frames, and hardware that are available. We have trained Architectural Hardware Consultants ready to assist any customer in determining not only the appropriate hardware for a project, but also how that hardware should function once it is installed.

Develop specs based on architect’s specification format

If the architect has created a specification format, American Door will tailor its language and page design to follow that format.

Review of specifications to finalize a bid document

American Door will thoroughly review the specifications we create to finalize a bid document in the clearest, most attractive way possible.

Ongoing consulting during the construction process

American Door will continually consult with the architect, the owner, and the jobsite superintendent during the construction process, so that the project needs can be provided and issues can be resolved.

Included Services Within Architectural Proposals

Consultation with owner

Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting, a series of phone calls, or a set of e-mails, American Door Products will be happy to discuss any project with the owner of that project so that ideas can be exchanged on how to fulfill that project in the best way possible.

Shop drawing review

American Door will be happy to review any shop drawings on the project for accuracy and appropriateness.

Jobsite survey after completion of project

Once the job is completed, American Door will be happy to walk it with the owner and contractor, noting any issues that remain to be addressed.

Fire door inspection report

American Door Products will inspect and report upon the safety of every fire door for which we are responsible, and we will provide that report to the appropriate parties.

Technical Information

Provide product selection and samples from all major door and hardware manufacturers

We have on hand at American Door a wide range of door samples, color samples, and hardware samples for customers to examine as they wish.

Provide manufacturer product data and cut sheets

Product data and cut sheets are commonly provided during the submittal process. They are also available upon request from our sales staff.

Material applications for specific project conditions

American Door Products will be happy to discuss with any customer the material—frame, door, or hardware—that might be needed to meet specific project conditions.

Do you want to see our warranties?

Download and visualize each of our warranties for each product we have in stock.

Wood doors warranties

Haley Brother Warranty

Hollow Metal warranties

Ceco Warranty

Aluminum Frames warranties

Frameworks Warranty

Hardware warranties

National Guard Product Warranty

National Guard Product Warranty

Trimco Warranty

Trimco Warranty

Yale Warranty

Yale Warranty

McKinney Warranty

McKinney Warranty

Dormakaba Warranty

Dormakaba Warranty

Glynn-Johnson Warranty

Glynn-Johnson Warranty

LCN Warranty

LCN Warranty

Rockwood Warranty

Rockwood Warranty

VT Industries Warranty

VT Industries Warranty

Falcon Warranty

Falcon Warranty

Pemko Warranty

Pemko Warranty

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