Specialty Openings

Do you work in the industrial environment and require doors that meet the highest safety, security, and material standards? American Door Products is the supplier you are looking for.

Lead times

Our lead times are within industry standards for various products, and we are in contact with our suppliers daily to improve those lead times and expedite orders whenever possible.

Pearland Hollow Metal Frames’ lead times are faster than anyone else’s in the market!

Lead Times

Lead times for Industrial materials are frequently longer than those for commercial construction, but American Door Products has handled many industrial projects in the past (chemical plants, oil refineries) and will gladly do so again.

Blast Proof Materials

We have supplied blast-proof doors on projects for chemical plants along the Gulf Coast.


We have supplied lead-lined doors on projects for hospitals along the Gulf Coast.


Our Installation Team members have at least ten years’ experience (in some cases, twenty) in installing doors, frames, and hardware. They are skilled at solving the installation problems that always come up on a job, and they take pride in meeting challenges.

FRP Doors

We supply and install fiberglass doors whenever they are needed on a job.


Every one of our sales staff has handled industrial jobs in the past. They’d be happy to discuss the work they’ve done, the satisfaction of our customers, and the needs they can meet on any new job.

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