Full Installation

American Door offers Full Installation packages on many jobs.


Our Pre-Install quality-control procedures ensure that our hardware is appropriate for the job and can be installed before it ever leaves our shop.  Our installers, applying their combined century of experience to every task, are trained to test each piece of hardware we sell and make sure that it is the right piece of equipment for the application.

Experienced Installers

We have over 100 years of combined installation experience! On average, each of our installers has at least 10 years of hands-on problem solving!


Ask how our Full-Installation Service can solve your problems while saving you time and money!

Worker Backgrounds

OSHA Certifications

Those in the field for us are OSHA-30 certified in fire safety and jobsite safety.

  • Silica Trained
  • Fire Watch Rigging
  • AED
  • CPR/Life Safety
  • Ladder Safety


Covid-19 Vaccinated

All of our crew members are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.


Background Checked

All crew members have undergone and passed a background check.


Drug Free Work Entity

All of our crew members are subject to random drug testing, and they are drug-free.

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